Welcome to the Garden

Wilf Nicholls, Director

Wel­come to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia! I hope that this elec­tronic visit will soon be fol­lowed by you arriv­ing in per­son to enjoy our orna­men­tal gar­dens, to stroll along the trails, take one of our edu­ca­tio­nal pro­grams or attend one of the many public and pri­vate events that fill our cal­en­dar every year. There is cer­tainly much to do here, much to see and many rea­sons to come but when all is said and done, we really are all about inspir­ing, engag­ing and advo­cat­ing for plants and the envi­ron­ment. Botanical Gar­dens world­wide are liv­ing muse­ums of the amaz­ing diver­sity of plant life com­pris­ing 300,000 spe­cies that feed, clothe and delight us, that pro­vide oxy­gen, fuel and medicine. They are, quite sim­ply, indis­pens­able.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, like so many other North Amer­i­can gar­dens, is com­mitted to conser­va­tion of these valu­able resources and the edu­ca­tion of chil­dren, stu­dents and the gen­eral public in the impor­tance and the won­der of a healthy envi­ron­ment. We are part of the Uni­ver­sity of Georgia but, as a unit of UGA’s Public Ser­vice and Out­reach our audi­ence is every­one; from tots to seniors, from Athens to Zurich, every­one is wel­come and we hope every­one leaves with height­ened enjoy­ment and appre­ci­a­tion of our nat­u­ral world.

But we are also com­mitted to send­ing you home with a smile on your face after relax­ing in the peace, tran­quil­ity and the beauty that flow­ers and gar­dens pro­vide. Enjoy our web­site and come and see us in per­son soon.

What is the State Botanical Garden

Whether you are seek­ing a nat­u­ral sett­ing for relax­a­tion or play, learn­ing or explo­ra­tion, you can find it at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Enjoy the beauty and serenity and dis­cover vibrant flora while view­ing our public gar­dens, or let the Garden host your spe­cial event.

As a Public Ser­vice and Out­reach unit of the Uni­ver­sity of Georgia, the Botanical Garden pro­vides the public of all ages and UGA fac­ulty and stu­dents oppor­tu­ni­ties for recre­a­tion, events, research and learn­ing through its nat­u­ral areas, dis­play gar­dens and build­ing spaces.

Enjoying the Beauty of the Garden

Shirley Berry, Assistant Director

I love see­ing peo­ple out in the Garden enjoy­ing and learn­ing about plants – espe­cially when there are fam­i­lies with small chil­dren explor­ing the dis­play gar­dens and hik­ing on the trails. To go for a hike on the white trail in the win­ter on a Sun­day after­noon with my hus­band and see folks from the com­mu­nity out for an after­noon walk is one of my great­est joys. I recall com­ing to the Garden for ecol­ogy field trips twenty years and ago and it is still so exc­it­ing to see UGA classes out here investi­gat­ing the many plant com­mu­ni­ties that are found on this amaz­ing land. We are blessed and so for­tu­nate that the Uni­ver­sity admin­is­tra­tion and Board of Regents planned for the future and pre­served this small por­tion of pied­mont paradise.

Mission Statement

The mis­sion of the Garden is to acquire and dis­sem­i­nate Botanical knowl­edge and to fos­ter appre­ci­a­tion, under­s­tand­ing and ste­ward­ship of plants and nature through col­lec­tions and dis­plays, hor­ti­cul­tu­ral gar­dens, research, edu­ca­tio­nal pro­grams, exhi­bi­tions and spe­cial events.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is a 313-acre pre­serve set aside by the Uni­ver­sity of Georgia in 1968 for the study and enjoy­ment of plants and nature. Located three miles south of cam­pus, it is a liv­ing lab­o­ra­tory serv­ing edu­ca­tio­nal, research, recre­a­tio­nal, and public ser­vice roles for the Uni­ver­sity and the cit­izens of Georgia.

The Garden con­tains a num­ber of spe­cial­ized (theme) gar­dens and col­lec­tions, over five miles of nature trails, and four major facil­i­ties includ­ing a trop­i­cal conser­va­tory.

Employment at the Garden

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia has many oppor­tu­ni­ties for those who would like to become part of our staff or net­work of vol­un­teers. Vol­un­teer in order to par­ti­ci­pate in day to day activ­i­ties and spe­cial Garden events. The Garden has sev­eral unpaid intern­ship oppor­tu­ni­ties. The Garden also has one paid gra­d­u­ate assis­tant­ship. Staff job open­ings are posted on the Uni­ver­sity of Georgia job­list.

All appli­ca­tions must be made through the human resources depart­ment of the Uni­ver­sity of Georgia.


Our Partners

The State Botanical Garden is affili­ated with many organi­za­tions. Below are the Links to our part­n­ers!