Welcome to the Garden

Wilf Nicholls, Director

Welcome to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia! I hope that this electronic visit will soon be followed by you arriving in person to enjoy our ornamental gardens, to stroll along the trails, take one of our educational programs or attend one of the many public and private events that fill our calendar every year. There is certainly much to do here, much to see and many reasons to come but when all is said and done, we really are all about inspiring, engaging and advocating for plants and the environment. Botanical Gardens worldwide are living museums of the amazing diversity of plant life comprising 300,000 species that feed, clothe and delight us, that provide oxygen, fuel and medicine. They are, quite simply, indispensable.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia, like so many other North American gardens, is committed to conservation of these valuable resources and the education of children, students and the general public in the importance and the wonder of a healthy environment. We are part of the University of Georgia but, as a unit of UGA’s Public Service and Outreach our audience is everyone; from tots to seniors, from Athens to Zurich, everyone is welcome and we hope everyone leaves with heightened enjoyment and appreciation of our natural world.

But we are also committed to sending you home with a smile on your face after relaxing in the peace, tranquility and the beauty that flowers and gardens provide. Enjoy our website and come and see us in person soon.

What is the State Botanical Garden

Whether you are seeking a natural setting for relaxation or play, learning or exploration, you can find it at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Enjoy the beauty and serenity and discover vibrant flora while viewing our public gardens, or let the Garden host your special event.

As a Public Service and Outreach unit of the University of Georgia, the Botanical Garden provides the public of all ages and UGA faculty and students opportunities for recreation, events, research and learning through its natural areas, display gardens and building spaces.

Enjoying the Beauty of the Garden

Shirley Berry, Assistant Director

I love seeing people out in the garden enjoying and learning about plants – especially when there are families with small children exploring the display gardens and hiking on the trails. To go for a hike on the white trail in the winter on a Sunday afternoon with my husband and see folks from the community out for an afternoon walk is one of my greatest joys. I recall coming to the Garden for ecology field trips twenty years and ago and it is still so exciting to see UGA classes out here investigating the many plant communities that are found on this amazing land. We are blessed and so fortunate that the University administration and Board of Regents planned for the future and preserved this small portion of piedmont paradise.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Garden is to acquire and disseminate botanical knowledge and to foster appreciation, understanding and stewardship of plants and nature through collections and displays, horticultural gardens, research, educational programs, exhibitions and special events.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is a 313-acre preserve set aside by the University of Georgia in 1968 for the study and enjoyment of plants and nature. Located three miles south of campus, it is a living laboratory serving educational, research, recreational, and public service roles for the University and the citizens of Georgia.

The Garden contains a number of specialized (theme) gardens and collections, over five miles of nature trails, and four major facilities including a tropical conservatory.

Employment at the Garden

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia has many opportunities for those who would like to become part of our staff or network of volunteers. Volunteer in order to participate in day to day activities and special garden events. The garden has several unpaid internship opportunities. The garden also has one paid graduate assistantship. Staff job openings are posted on the University of Georgia joblist.

All applications must be made through the human resources department of the University of Georgia.


Our Partners

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