Conservation Education at UGA

Researcher identifying mushrooms and fungi.


We value the contributions of our conservation interns, and we provide them with opportunities to build their professional resumes with specialized skills and real-world experiences in conservation horticulture, restoration ecology and habitat management. We are looking for people who are passionate about conservation and who are willing to learn our techniques, procedures and philosophies. We have different levels of support for our internships, from hourly pay to travel compensation to intern-volunteers who support themselves while working with us.

Graduate Students

There is nothing like having a student focus on a conservation project for the term of their thesis or dissertation! SBG supports a conservation graduate student who works both in a UGA department on campus and at the Botanical Garden. These students work with our Director of Research, Jim Affolter, a College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences professor of horticulture. Graduate students work alongside garden conservation program staff on all of our conservation projects, building their professional skills and experiences beyond their scientific studies on everything from plant identification to managing volunteers and networks to conservation horticulture, monitoring and restoration. Our graduate students are valued and nurtured at the State Botanical Garden, and we are grateful for the quality work they produce.