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At the State Botanical Garden, one of our fundamental missions is to provide knowledge and experience. Our Courses, Events and Resources instruct students of all ages.

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Adult Programs

The State Botanical Garden offers a range of educational programs for adults with horticultural, ecological, culinary and artistic interests. Our Certificate in Native Plants allows committed individuals to further their understanding and appreciation of Georgia plants while earning a professional certification. Less formal programs, such as Garden Rambles, provide relaxing walks through the Garden and focus on specific items of seasonal interest. From our many ongoing series to our extensive all-day symposia, adult programs at the Garden strive to educate, enlighten and engage our visitors

Schools and Outreach

Education at the garden enriches the curriculums of schools across the state of Georgia. the Garden conducts instructional field trips that address state standards, lends materials for self guided children’s programs, provides resources and programming for science nights, and hosts afterschool activities with an environmental focus. A variety of professional development opportunities for educators are offered throughout the year.

Kids and Families

The Garden is committed to providing a family-friendly setting where children and parents can enjoy and learn from our extensive plant collections as well as from the natural areas and trails. Our Family Festivals and Summer Camps combine this outdoor setting with unique experiences that that educate and entertain while developing connections with nature. These programs include exciting indoor and outdoor activities that allow children to explore the Garden, encounter insects, birds and other wildlife, conduct scientific investigations and learn the importance of safeguarding our environment.

Connect to Protect

The Connect to Protect Program promotes the biodiversity of native plants and pollinators in the Georgia Piedmont region. Pollinators play a crucial role in a healthy functioning ecosystem and provide humans with ecological services such as food and seed production. We encourage creating beautiful displays of locally appropriate plants to supply these insects with a source of food as well as sites to breed. The goal of this collaborative project is to provide the public with necessary information and teaching tools for emphasizing the significance of installing native gardens on large and small scales alike!

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Director of Education

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Education Coordinator

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Children's Program Manager