Certificate in Native Plants

Have you ever considered a career in plant biology, plant ecology or horticulture? Ever wanted to assist in the conservational efforts of your local community? Our Certificate in Native Plants is the perfect opportunity for dedicated individuals to explore and develop these interests. The program includes a comprehensive series of courses that demonstrate the identification, cultivation and propagation of Georgia’s native plants while emphasizing participatory learning. Courses discuss the ecological significance of native plants and provide participants with the conservational know-how employed by hobbyists and professionals alike. Whether you are pursuing a career in plant conservation or simply seeking to become a more knowledgeable global citizen, the Certificate in Native Plants will provide you with the tools necessary to do so.

The certificate requires 80 hours of participation: four 8-hour core courses, six 4-hour electives, two 4-hour field trips and 16 hours of volunteer service. This one-of-a-kind opportunity allows participants to work alongside botanists, foresters, wildlife biologists and, of course, our passionate Garden staff and educators.

For more information on the Certificate in Native plants, including applications and general course information, email us at sbgeduc@uga.edu

Garden Symposia

Looking for exciting learning experiences that don’t require a long term commitment? The Garden offers several jam-packed one-day symposia throughout the year. Our Perennial Symposium held near mid-October is one of the Garden’s most noted fall events. The Native Plant Symposium, an event co-sponsored by the Garden Club of Georgia, takes place around late January. Keep an eye on the calendar to see when other symposia are scheduled.

Garden Rambles

Enjoy and Explore Nature

Our Garden Rambles are informal walks through the Gardens and trails that focus on items of seasonal interest. Rambles are usually led by Garden staff or University professors knowledgeable in the particular subject area. All walks are free and open to the public. Some rambles may be strenuous and tiring for young children.

Nature Ramblers

Join our Nature Ramblers to learn more about the natural areas, flora and fauna of the Garden while making new friends and enjoying the fresh air. Each session begins with and inspirational reading by nature writers such as Annie Dillard, John Muir or Janisse Ray. This ramble is not a hike but an informal walk were the group will stop to view plants, insects, butterflies, etc. Dale Hoyt, Biologist/Naturalist, Linda Chafin, Conservation Botanist, and Don Hunter, Photographer/Naturalist, are the leaders for the group. Each leader offers a unique lens for viewing the natural world.

Rambles meet at the Shade Garden arbor on Thursday mornings mid-February through mid-November . February through May hikes begin 9:30am. June through August meeting time is 9:00am. September through November 19 meeting time is 9:30 am. There is no fee for the ramble but donations are accepted in the Garden’s donation box in the lobby of the Visitor Center.

Series Programs

The Garden has several ongoing program series including Beekeeping for Beginners and Flower Arranging. These programs give you the chance to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the topic than a single course could provide. Our Beekeeping for Beginners course, for example, is a six-session program covering beekeeping history, care, feeding, hive assembly, hive management, installation, hive buildup and honey harvesting. The beekeeping series begins in December and meets once a month through May.

After Hours

Friends of the Garden has teamed up with our Education Department to provide these fun, social and educational adult programs. Classes cover a variety of interests including cooking, soap making, crafting holiday wreaths and creating Garden art. At the Garden educational programs are about growing, learning and enjoying life. That’s what Friends are for, too. What better place to grow your friendships than here at the State Botanical Garden?


The Garden is a large and diverse place. To help our visitors better understand what's at the Garden, we're always working to improve our interpretation initiatives. We currently offer printable brochures covering a wide variety of topics, detailed signage throughout the Garden and QR codes on plants in the Garden. Currently our Birding and Trail interpretation guides are available to be printed.

Contact Our Education Department

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