Adult Programs

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia at the University of Georgia offers a wide range of educational programs for adults with horticulture, ecological, culinary and artistic interests. Our Certificate in Native Plants program allows committed individuals to further their understanding and appreciation of Georgia plants while earning a professional certification.

Less formal programs, such as Garden Rambles, provide relaxing walks through the garden and focus on specific items of seasonal interest. From our many ongoing series to our extensive all-day symposia, adult programs at the garden strive to educate, enlighten and engage our visitors.

Friends of the Garden members receive a 10 percent discount on all classes.

Certificate in Native Plants

Have you ever considered a career in plant biology, plant ecology or horticulture? Ever wanted to assist in the conservation efforts of your local community? Our Certificate in Native Plants is the perfect opportunity for individuals to explore and develop these interests. The program includes a comprehensive series of courses in the identification, propagation, and conservation of Georgia’s native plants and the ecosystems that support them with an emphasis on participatory learning.

Courses are focused on the ecological significance of native plants and provide participants with the conservation know-how employed by hobbyists and professionals alike. Whether you are pursuing a career in plant conservation or simply seeking to become a more knowledgeable citizen, the Certificate in Native Plants will provide you with the tools necessary to do so.

The certificate requires 80 hours of participation: four 8-hour courses, six 4-hour electives, two 4-hour field trips and 16 hours of volunteer service. This one-of-a-kind opportunity allows participants to work alongside botanists, foresters, wildlife biologists and other garden staff and educators.

For more information on the Certificate of Native Plants, email us at or call us at 706-542-6156.

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Plants and Pollinators Specialization

The garden has expanded its successful Certificate in Native Plants program to a new Plants and Pollinators Specialization designed for anyone ready to take an interest in protecting our native plants and pollinators. The specialization is open to people currently enrolled in or graduated from the Certificate in Native Plants program, as well as those who have not yet participated, but are looking for an opportunity to get involved in pollinator protection in their area.

Courses in this series are focused on insect identification, pollinator conservation and wildlife garden design as well as the importance of plant-insect interactions for healthy landscapes and our overall ecosystem. By completing this program, you will gain the knowledge and experience required to maintain pollinator habitats from small raised beds in a school garden to large plots on private or public lands.

The Plants and Pollinators specialization requires 60 hours of participation: five 4-hour courses, two 4-hour field trips and 30 hours of volunteer service.

For more information on the Certificate of Native Plants, email us at or call us at 706-542-6156.

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Garden Symposia

Looking for exciting learning experiences that don’t require a long-term commitment? The garden offers several one-day symposia throughout the year. The Native Plant Symposium, an event co-sponsored by the Garden Club of Georgia, is held every winter. Check our website periodically to find out when symposia are scheduled.

Native Plants Symposium

The Native Plant Symposium, a one-day program co-sponsored by the Garden Club of Georgia, is an annual conference held every winter. Topics change from year to year, and the symposium offers a full slate of events, including a native plant sale, presentations from Georgia conservationists and botanists, and an educational walk through the gardens and trails. This event also includes a catered lunch and a graduation ceremony for those who have completed our Native Plant Certification requirements. Look for our calendar of events listing in December.

Garden Rambles

Our Garden and Nature Rambles are informal walks through the gardens and trails that focus on natural areas and plants, flowers or trees of seasonal interest. These rambles are typically led by garden staff or University of Georgia professors with knowledge of that day’s particular topic.

Rambles are informal, and groups will often stop to observe and discuss insects, butterflies, birds and the area surrounding them. The ramble group meets at the Shade Garden Arbor by the Children’s Garden on Thursday mornings from  March  through mid-November, weather permitting. For specific details, please check out our calendar of events.

All walks are free and open to the public. Please note that some rambles may be strenuous or tiring for young children.

Series Programs

From Beekeeping for Beginners to Flower Arranging classes, the garden offers several ongoing program series throughout the year. These programs give individuals the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on specific topics from experts in each field.

Programs range from two weeks to several months, depending on the content. For more information, visit our calendar of events.

Classes and Workshops

Our education department also offers one- and two-day classes and workshops for those looking for less of a commitment. These programs range from conservation and horticulture classes to art, photography and holiday decorating workshops, and they often only last two to four hours at a time. See our calendar of events for more details on these rotating courses.