Garden Earth Explorers Activities

Children’s Garden Passport

Download your Alice H. Richards Children’s Garden Passport here. This book will provide an educational guide through each gallery as it tells some of Georgia’s most exciting natural history stories. It was developed for the children’s garden but all activities can be done at home. Come to the Gift Shop to get your passport stamped and a prize.


Download your Garden Earth Explorers Passport

Garden Earth Explorers Activities

Garden Earth Explorers is an informal program that, when the children’s garden is open, takes place every Thursday and Saturday at 10:15 am March through October. While programming is postponed until further notice please enjoy some of our favorite activities that have been modified for your to stay connected to the natural world while at home.

These activities are designed specifically for ages 3-6 year olds to engage with the outdoors. Feeling soil, tasting vegetables, listening to birds, smelling herbs or looking at clouds are only a few examples of the sensory exploration that can be done in your own backyard.


Diggin’ for Decomposers

All About Soil – Can You Dig IT

Crying Out Cloud – Lets Talk about Cloud Formations

Discovering Different Bird Beaks

Discovering Vegetables through Dissection

Does this Make Sense –  A Sensory Exploration

Fresh Fruits and Veggies –  Chopped Edition

Fruit Ninja

Garden Colors – A Natural Dye Activity

Vegetables Printing

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