Get Out in the Garden!
Join the State Botanical Garden of Georgia education team as they bring you a new program called Garden Earth Explorers – Summer Expeditions. Families can choose from one of six 90-minute programs and enjoy their own private garden adventure with our education staff. This version of the Garden Earth Explorers program is a special way to give young naturalists and their families a better understanding of the importance of our shared earth. Optional boxed lunches can be added to complete your trip with a picnic in the garden. Visit the garden with your family and learn about the natural world!

Parents or chaperones are part of the experience and must accompany all children for the duration of the program and are included in the participant numbers and cost.


Program Information:

  • Minimum 3 participants – $50
  • $10 per additional participant up to 9 total – includes all adults and infants
  • Box Lunches Available

Expedition Topics

  • Sensory Garden
    Earth is a garden that we all share! With sensory-filled activities, families will be guided through the surrounding gardens and forest. Through role playing and underground investigations, learn how to read and care for the forest landscape.
  • Really Remarkable Rainforest
    An amazing array of plants and animals live in the tropical rainforests of the world. Even though rainforests are located thousands of miles away, come learn how the rainforest is important to our daily lives. Families get to see and explore this unique ecosystem in our Rainforest Conservatory. Hands-on activities help us explore the world of tropical rainforests, plant adaptations, and conservation.
  • Eco Health
    In this excursion, families will determine the overall health of several Georgia Piedmont ecosystems, investigating the effects of invasive species along river floodplains. During a hike that wanders through the Oak-Hickory forest and floodplain, learners will use a variety of scientific techniques to study soil, plant diversity, invertebrate diversity, and air quality. As learners hike along the Oconee River, they will explore our floodplain restoration project.
  • Stream Ecology
    Our local watersheds critically impact our daily lives, from the foods we eat to the health of our drinking water. Families will investigate the impact that people have on aquatic ecosystems and discuss ways to conserve this valuable resource. Led by our field trip instructors, learners will then hike down to our woodland stream to get their hands in the water, catching different critters for identification!
  • Georgia Discovery Quest
    Families will discover the diversity of plants, animals, cities, river systems, geology, and agriculture of Georgia. This overview of Georgia promises to stimulate learners’ curiosity to discover and learn more about our state.
  • Treasure Hunt
    Be fairies/elves/or pirates for the day and explore a magical natural world! Guests will follow a map left by the Princess Fairy, a friendly elf, or a scallywag pirate. As they participate in their adventure, which may include fairy/elf houses, walking the plank, crowns, and games, clues will guide them on their journey. After the quest is complete, a treasure awaits! Each child will decorate a small treasure chest to take home.