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Insect Panel

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Butterfly Release

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Insectival! Activities

Introduction Activities

Bug Bingo

Museum of Natural History Activities

Sleuthing Activity Sheet
Sleuthing Pictures
Sleuthing Answer Key

Entomology Activities

Build a Bug – EcoReach Template
Insect – Yes or No Activity Sheet
Insect – Yes or No Pictures
Insect – Yes or No Answer Key

Pollinator Activities

Metamorphosis Matching Pictures
Metamorphosis Matching Answer Key
Pollinator Care Package

Insect Café Activities

Spot Your Lunch Pictures

Wild World of Insects Activities

Pollinated Products & Food Pictures
Pollinated Products & Food Answers
Pitcher Plant Craft

Insectival Extras


Living Jewelry
Kids Insect Playlist
Butterfly Life
Monarchs in Mexico
Spy Robot – Hummingbird
Project Monarch Health
Very Hungry Caterpillar Reading
Hungry Caterpillar Song
Monarch Migration Song
Kung Fu Mantis vs. Jumping Spider
Super Power Spider!
Nature’s Fireworks


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