1. How do I book an event?
We recommend renters tour the facility before booking the event. After the tour, the renter may place a complimentary temporary hold on a date for one week. During that time, an official contract will be sent for review. At the end of the week, a signed contract and refundable security deposit are due. The final rental fee is due 60 days prior to the event date.

2. Are there decoration restrictions?
The garden does not permit open flames out of doors. This includes, but is not limited to, sparklers, candles and heaters. All outdoor heaters must be electric. No bird seed, glitter, confetti, or petals may be thrown outdoors. Only silk petals may be thrown indoors. Indoor lighting, floral arrangements, and other décor must be freestanding. Items may not be attached to posts, plants, or walls. All items must be removed from the building after the event as part of the cleaning process.

3. Who sets up the event?
The garden does not provide setup and cleanup. Typically, the caterer will handle this. The renter must arrange this with the caterer directly. If the event will not be catered, the renter is responsible for all setup and cleanup. Setup may not begin until the rental start time and cleanup must be completed by the rental end time. The garden recommends at least one hour for setup and one hour for cleanup. Do not start your event less than 30 minutes after the rental start time or end your event less than 30 minutes prior to the rental end time. Cleanup sheets are provided to the renter for each venue. Incomplete cleanup may result in additional fees or loss of the security deposit.

4. What is the catering policy?
The garden does not provide catering. All caterers must be selected from our vendor list, found here. Caterers may be added to the list; additional paperwork and fees apply. Please note that each catered event requires an additional surcharge, charged to the caterer, to off-set costs and maintenance from hosting events. Catering surcharges vary according to building.

Vendor Agreements

5. What is the alcohol policy?
The garden is a unit of Public Service and Outreach on the University of Georgia campus. The alcohol policy set forward by UGA must be abided by and additional restrictions apply according to venue. Kegs are not permitted at any venue. A full copy of the policy may be found with the sample contracts.

6. Am I eligible for a discount?
A non-profit discount is applicable with an appropriate tax ID. A UGA departmental discount is available to UGA departments paying with a foundation check or speedtype.

7. Do you host events on the grounds?
The garden is first and foremost a living laboratory. All grounds must be protected. The garden does allow events on the grounds, but many restrictions apply. No decorations are permitted. Walk-up weddings are ideal for elopements and ceremonies under 30 people, and must be rented from the garden. No chairs may be used for a walk-up wedding. The larger grounds ceremonies must be rented with a reception hall. All chairs must be white, folding plastic chairs rented from an event company. Please see sample contracts for full restrictions.