Discovery and Inspiration Garden

The Discovery and Inspiration Garden is the garden that first greets visitors to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Surrounding and extending beyond the Porcelain and Decorative Arts Museum at the Center for Art and Nature, it teems with life—plants, flowers, insects, butterflies, pollinators—and invites children ages 5 to 95 to explore and discover. Narrow beds of plants at every eye level invite up-close viewing, and a pond supports the cycle of life from frogs to dragonflies. The Discovery and Inspiration Garden features native plants for pollinators and educates visitors about the interrelationships between birds, insects and plants. Part of the garden is a lawn that allows classes to be held outdoors and is an ideal venue for special events. The Discovery and Inspiration Garden will allow visitors to experience nature just outside of a museum that celebrates nature through art—perhaps inspiring our next generation of naturalists, artists and scientists.