Flower Garden

Jim Moneyhun
Flower Garden Curator

The Flower Garden

Flowers, their forms captivate and nourish, their functions motivate and direct, their colors inspire and ,dazzle. For some gazing upon a flower can evoke a strong personal feeling. Whatever flowers mean to you hope, joy, discovery reflection, education or desire, flowers play an important role in our lives.


The lower flower garden (left)

Identified by the three tiers of lawn this area offers opportunities to relax or watch events held on the stage below. Next to the stage is the curator’s choice garden boasting a beautiful display of elephant ear, cana and hundreds of spring bulbs. The annual garden features the All-America Selections display garden. At the end of woodland walk, one will find the covered wildlife pavilion. The fragrance garden with selections of aromatic plants is hidden away behind a hedge of fragrant tea olive. The perennial border adjacent to the lawns features numerous plants that promote pollinators. The iris garden shows off a large number of varieties in a formal design setting. The daffodil garden educates on the 13 divisions of daffodils with an interpretive sign and meticulously labeled groupings of different selections. Other lower flower garden (left) highlights include spring, summer and fall bulbs garden; cut flower; dahlia; daylily and peony gardens.


The lower flower garden (right)

image of the flower garden

Home to the wildflower meadows featuring a kaleidoscope of colorful wildflowers that change from season to season. Each year we experiment with new techniques to see how the flower mixes respond. In the grass meadow, selections of native grasses demonstrate their ornamental potential and beauty. Thousands of bulbs are planted in the lower flower garden every fall for a brilliant spring display of color. Annuals are also incorporated and planted en masse to boost the color in this area during the high season. With displays of long-blooming species that are bright, colorful and low maintenance, the flower forest hill layers bulbs, perennials, shrubs and trees to maximize interest all year long. This area boasts a developing gardenia collection as well as camellias and conifers to carry visual interest through the winter months.

We welcome you to come and experience everything the flower garden has to offer.