Learning by Leading ™at the University of Georgia

Learning by Leading™ provides students a combination of leadership skills and real-world experience to help address the earth’s most important environmental issues.  Students will have the opportunity to get experiential learning credits, get involved with service learning projects, gain leadership skills, lead teams and work together to solve real world challenges based on the student’s interest.  Students will work with a staff mentor on projects relating to science, conservation, environmental education and horticulture.

What is Learning by Leading™?

The Learning by Leading™ at UGA (L*L@UGA) program will grow a leadership community for University of Georgia students. This experiential learning model will allow scholars to learn, participate and lead.  By working as part of a team and assuming increased responsibility over time, students will develop ties to staff and professional mentors and create opportunities for advancement through technical, interpersonal and conceptual skill development.

Students who progress through the leadership ladder will engage in professional experiences that include mentoring new participants, leading projects at the garden and working with partners to address issues such as managing sustainable ecosystems and training and educating the public about biological sciences.

Learning by Leading™ is:

  • Experiemental Learning: LEARN by doing, leading and reflecting. Students will also have the opportunity to earn Experiential Learning credits.
  • Service Learning: GIVE back to the community through outreach and service projects.
  • Team Building: DEVELOP strong bonds with a community of students working to achieve the State Botanical Garden’s mission.
  • Leadership Opportunities: FACILITATE and IMPLEMENT signature project goals as a student leader.
  • Internship Opportunities: GAIN leadership skills that can lead to external partner internships.
  • Co-Creation: IDENTIFY opportunities to co-create with UGA staff, faculty and industry partners to solve challenges to real world problems.

Let us know your interested in becoming part of Learning by Leading™.

Learning By Leading Application

Learning By Leading Orientation and Showcase


Student Testimonies

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is an incredibly inspiring and exciting space for students. It has been the most ideal place for me to conduct my graduate research over the past year. Being surrounded by so many wonderful mentors has led me to discover ways in which my work can contribute to the real environmental problem-solving that is accomplished there and I am excited to see my work continue to grow in the future. 

Paula Runyon – Master of Fine Arts, Franklin College of Arts & Sciences

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